Ms. Whiteplume

He saw my son & myself as well. He was really good with my son – who’s had some foot issues since be was 7 and is generally sort of scared, nervous about the pain that will come from treatment. As another parent said, he explains the things he’s doing as he’s doing them REALLY well and is good with scared kids like mine. With me, I just wanted to check on an ankle issue I was having that wasn’t going away. Turns out I had an old fracture I never knew about that was causing problems lol. And he was the one who found that out for me and treated it. All in all– I’ve really liked his attitude, his bedside manner, and how he comes across as “real”– not fake or phony. So far we’ve had no issues and hope it stays like that as we continue with additional procedures.

Take Care of Your Feet

An investment in your feet is an investment in your quality of life.